Welcome to my first blog! It's hard to believe I've gotten to this point, but I wanted to have at least one blog written when I finally got the site up and running. What started out as an idea to both continue learning as a web developer and to grow as a writer has now turned into full on website. This is exciting!

I envision this blog to be both about travel tips and personal anecdotes, so I figured I'd start with the first trip I remember really taking as a kid.

Do you recall being young and thinking that a 20 minute drive took FOREVER?? Well, I do. So imagine a 7 year old girl going on a road trip from little ole Jackson, Michigan alllll the way over to Augusta, Maine. It's nearly 1,000 miles to go one way! It's no surprise that this was the first vacation I remember going on with my family.

We were pretty cool with our roof rack strapped onto our minivan, but it was when we started loading our luggage up that I knew we were going on an adventure.

The car ride was long. That's all I remember. This is a great example of wishing I had paid better attention to our surroundings, but as a kid I just couldn't wait to get to the destination. I remember asking my uncle, who drove most of the way, "Are we there yet?" to which he always responded, "Next exit!"

It was never the next exit. But it was our fun little game.

Once we arrived, we did pretty typical things you would look to do in Maine. Again, I was little so I don't remember exactly where we went, but I sure wish I did! There were lobsters, lighthouses, whales, and rocks to sit on that overlooked the Atlantic Ocean.

It was also this trip that also helped me appreciate the kindness of strangers. My dad had Muscular Dystrophy and was wheelchair bound, which often made activities a little more difficult. I grew up with him like that so it was just normal life for me, but it really wasn't. The whole family wanted to go on a sail boat ride while in Maine and we were unsure whether or not my dad could even get on the boat. I think he was disappointed he probably wouldn't be able to go, but I remember him always being optimistic. Then something amazing happened. A group of men offered to lift him up onto the boat so that we could enjoy this excursion together.

I don't know where those men are or if they knew what that meant to the little girl watching them lift her dad up, wheelchair and all, onto the boat, but that made a HUGE impression on me. I'll never forget it.

While there are more pictures other than this one of my brother and I at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York on our way back home, this was the 90s and they are safely tucked away in my mom's closet. Where they shall remain! (But check out that cute lobster finger puppet. We were just in Maine!)

Oh yeah, and the blog title. You see, I have this annoying thing that I tend to do fairly often. If I hear an accent or something I feel the need to try and imitate it. So we were walking around the town of Bar Harbor, Maine and pass by this window with a shirt that says, "Weah Heah in Bah Hahbah." I read it out loud and became obsessed with trying to say this phrase like they do on the East Coast. It's too bad that I'm still like that. 😄

This adventure of driving to Maine was huge for me. It was the first time I saw mountains and the ocean, or really anything different from my midwest town. And while the long drive was hard as a kid, I think this is what first sparked my love of road trips. Of course, I'd love to go back and really explore someday, but I'm thankful for my family for making that happen at a young age.

Until next time, Bah Hahbah!